Saturday, March 10, 2007

More Training Pilots

I received a lot of spam with links to information for airline pilots with my Training Pilots post, so I'll be curious to see what I get this time....

I know I have been quiet about the project recently. I am trying not to think about it during my few off hours.

To get you up to date....

Our go-live date has been pushed back to TBD. The vendor is going to try and give us a working build to go live with on March 18. Another decision will be made March 19. I know the vendor is pushing to have us go live by the end of first quarter (April 15). Our upper management has finally realized that WE are the customer. The only thing we have agreed to is a go-live date 21 days after a reasonably bug-free build. We expect them to miss the March 19th date too.

The longer the vendor takes to get us a solid product - the better off we are. Between our 40 person SuperUser group (made up of staff across the specialties), our 12 person Physician Advisory Group (also multi-specialty) and our 15 -20 person Internal Medicine Pilot group (our most sophisticated users) – we have almost 70 people getting repeated exposure to the product. We finally released user IDs and passwords for our upgrade system to these groups this week. I’m amazed at how antsy these groups have been to get into the system.

With each passing week – we’re getting a more concrete feel for how we are going to train our end-users. Our current working plan:

Week 1 – Basics, split up by job description.

Room 1 – MDs. There is still a possibility that we will have some of the attending physicians from the Internal Medicine pilot group serving as the MFA representative in this room. (90 minutes)

Room 2 – Clinical Staff (Nurses, Medical Assistants, Technicians). Their training will be similar to the MD training – without some of the approval tasks that doctors have to perform. (90 minutes)

Room 3 – Administrative Staff. Their training will focus on simple data entry and administrative processes. (90 minutes)

Room 4 – Front Desk / View Only. Their training will be the shortest. Most of the time will be spent on how to find information and print items. (60 minutes)

Week 2 – Review and Workflow-specific issues

Room 1 – Basics – Clinical. This will be the same training as the MD training from last week

Room 2 – Basics – Administrative. This will be the same training as the administrative staff training from last week.

Rooms 1 and 2 are meant to catch stragglers and anyone who was not comfortable after the training from last week and who do not need to attend the trainings in rooms 3 and 4.

Rooms 3 and 4 – Advanced workflow training. About ½ of our organization will need to go through this training since they use more of the system. At least ½ of the material in this training will be review from the previous week.

We are going to be piloting the Clinical Staff, Administrative Staff, and Front Desk trainings next week with a fresh group of people who have had limited exposure to the product. With fresh eyes, we should get more accurate feedback on how the training works for them. This will also allow us to expose more people in the organization to the new upgrade.

The more the merrier.

And what about the residents? We have blocked all 4 classrooms from 1-2:30pm both weeks just for residents. They will also all go through the advanced workflow training since many of them will rotate into departments that use the advanced features.

After crunching the numbers – it appears we will have a fighting chance of touching everyone in the organization.

The training team is still hashing out the details and putting together training guides. If it was just the in-house trainers, we wouldn’t bother with the training guides. Since we have outside trainers coming in (and only 1 of them even remotely familiar with this software) – we are going to be spending the 2 business days before the training week doing “train the trainer” classes. It’s somewhat sad that the customer has to lead these classes rather than the vendor – but such is the nature of this project.

If the go live date gets pushed back far enough – I may be able to reincorporate online materials. This would be a good thing since, as of right now, we are looking at yanking access from all of the medical students for the duration of the implementation. We don't have the classroom space or time to train them during the 2 training weeks or address their needs during the support weeks. This decision makes a number of our docs unhappy – but since many of the med students are being “misused” (i.e. being given more responsibility than they legally should have) by some of the preceptors – the upper management and medical school is using this implementation as an opportunity to re-think their policies on medical students and electronic medical record access.

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