Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cool Firefox tricks....

Beau and Christy both noted that you can customize Firefox with extensions.

It never dawned on me that you could actually CUSTOMIZE a BROWSER!!!!!

I never realized how much I had been sucked into the Microsoft machine....

Beau was kind enough to give me his list of extensions. He also has a really interesting Podcast list and some World of Warcraft info in this link.

The link to the Firefox extensions themselves is

I just added the WebDeveloper extension. Rapid install, includes a cookie administrator, and all of the pieces seem to work.

This is SOOOOO COOOOL!!!!!!!

BTW: apparently, Paul Fender agrees....

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Beau Yarbrough said...

Firefox rules like crazy. The best part about it is how easily (and safely) it can be customized. I haven't looked at an ad I haven't wanted to in almost two years.

Here's the list of Firefox plug-ins that I use: