Saturday, March 17, 2007

Changing Blogger Templates

With the move to New Blogger, I finally decided to change the appearance of my blogger site. For folks who read this in a reader - you won't see much difference. For folks reading directly from the site, please let me know what you think.

How I did it:

1) I copied my old template into an MS Word document (you could use wordpad too) - in case I couldn't get the new template to cooperate.

2) Within the document - I marked all of the customized code so that I could quickly find it and add it to the new template.

3) I chose the new template. (I'm using Rounders 4)

4) I copied my customizations from the old template document into the new template. Pay real close attention to the location of the code in the old template. Make sure you don't copy your markers into the template.

5) Save your changes after each customization. Click Preview to see if everything is in the right place. Check any new links or buttons to for functionality.

6) when finished, view your blog and marvel at your genius.....

Douglas Bowman beautifully organized and documented the code in this template. As a result, it was easier to put customizations in the right place.

I also like the Links section in this template. On my new blogger site - I've added some helpful resource links and my current del.i.cious links. Google News is standard with the template.

If anyone has further recommendations for resources to add to my site - let me know.


Karyn Romeis said...

Very nice, Wendy. I tried to update to the new templates, recently as well. But I could not get my widgets to co-operate. They refused to appear in the positions where I placed them and the drop down feed subscription button just went dead - it just turned into a little graphic. Useless. So I've switched back to the old template until I get clever enough to get it sussed.

Wendy said...

Fortunately, I don't have too many widgets.

And I did the copy/paste thing. Very manual.

I never trusted the full automatic thing. Too much of a control freak....

Insider-Insights said...

hi I also want to change my template but scared that my widgets wont the way, how do you do the MOST Popular Post in blogger? I want to add it in my site too thanks.