Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Beyond Fear

Kathy Sierra has received attacks beyond anything I was afraid of when I started blogging.

What is happening to her makes me ill. Really ill.

The message those threats sends - Don't aim too high. Don't speak your mind. Don't do anything extraordinary.

Yes - I'm a Z-list blogger. I'm thankful that people read me. I'm thankful I reside in a friendly and supportive corner of the bloggosphere.

And I'm not going to stop speaking just because a collection of people(known and unknown) choose to spend their time attacking others in progressively uglier ways. For no real purpose.

Hope they catch 'em Kathy.....

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Karl Kapp said...


I have been following this as well and I think it is gross, the abuse that they heaped upon that poor women is unexcusable. Not acceptable in a corporate, academic or government organization and it shouldn't be acceptable in the blogosphere and to a person who, at least to me, seems totally benign in terms of her comments and insights...astonding the stupidity of people...and unfortunate.

To even initially create a blog to make fun of other people and their actions is worthy of condemnation.