Thursday, March 15, 2007

Being a Degenerate Blogger

Until I read Tom Haskins' post, A degenerate form of blogging, it never occurred to me that I could be degenerate and blog at the same time.

A challenge too good to pass up.

So I signed up for a Twitter account. Because, dangit, if I'm gonna throw stones - I want to know what I'm throwing at.

My gut inclination is to agree with the Twitter critics. Why in the world do we feel a need to tell the world about what we are doing every 5 minutes or less? This can't be remotely interesting or useful.

But Bren over at Slacker Manager got me thinking - even if this is not the type of media I prefer to work in, lots of people do. There's gotta be a way to USE this thing for my own purposes.

Bren came up with a series of tips to help noobs (like myself) get over the learning curve and avoid a Twitter account that looks like this:

Bren's first recommendation: Make the right friends.

So - this is an open invite....

Please let me know if you have a Twitter account, or if you are willing to perform this little experiment with me.

Let's see how this bad boy works......

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lauren said...

I'm playing along too, for many of the same reasons. So far, I'm finding it most useful for connecting with folks I already knew of, but rarely (or never) speak with. If you want to add me, I'm here: