Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blogging as Therapy

Timothy Johnson at Carpe Factum, in his response to why he blogs, said the following:

...Blogging has provided me with great therapy. Instead of internalizing the frustrating individuals, companies, and projects around me, they now become fair game for blog fodder. And I have to admit, there is so much inspiration out there for writing.

One reason why Dilbert is so popular.....

On a certain level, this is why I started blogging - the need to share my experience in hopes that it helps someone else. Or, at least, not feel so alone.

The eLearning bloggosphere, in some respects, reminds me of one large asynchronous group therapy session. A bunch of people sitting around a room dealing with an identity crisis and sharing their stories and thoughts in hopes of making some sense of it all.

The bloggosphere has served as better therapy than any shrink.


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