Thursday, February 15, 2007

Big Bang Implementations

Our organization is involved in a cover story about big bang electronic medical record implementations.

The article has a very intelligent summary of training strategies
for these large HealthCare IT implementations. They stress the
importance of SuperUsers on the ground, multiple training strategies
(though I wish I had online training modules and 3 months to deliver
training before the go-live), and trainers who require no sleep and have
a high tolerance for pain.

The article also emphasizes the importance of testing:

Because big bang deployments have so many moving pieces, testing the
applications prior to go-live becomes paramount. Dissatisfied with its
testing, (one organization) waited nearly four years before launching
its EMR. The software, (the CEO) explains, was simply not ready for
prime time. *We delayed until we got sufficient upgrades so when we
went through the aggressive rollout we would not frustrate the
physicians,* he says.

I can only hope that this thinking is still in play at levels I am not

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