Sunday, February 11, 2007

Adding Widgets

Google finally forced my hand and made me upgrade to New Blogger. I'll admit to not being entirely happy about this. I was perfectly happy with Old Blogger.

That said, I discovered that this forced upgrade solves some unimportant problems that I've been having.

1) Feedburner FINALLY works. I was never able to get the feed to work correctly on old Blogger. For the transition, I deleted the feed and re-added it. I'm using the RSS choice. ONce that is complete, cut and paste the chicklet found in the Publicize section of your Feedburner account into your Blogger Template. These are the directions

2) I hadn't bothered tagging any of my posts. Too lazy. The labels for this post section makes it easy to tag. Now all I have to do is come up with useful categories....

3) I can change the settings for reader comments and backlinks using the post options link below the editor.

4) I can see how many comments I have on each post in the editing section. I'm STILL surprised I have any.

I can only hope the end-users of the electronic medical record we use see the same sort of value in that upgrade....

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