Thursday, January 11, 2007

Reducing My Scope and Checking the Box

They cut our time even further. Go Live is currently set for 2/26....
2 weeks prior than the most recent unrealistic date. Reason: The vendor wants to announce that a large site (us) has gone up on this amazing new upgrade. I'm not entirely sure what good things we get out of this exercise yet.

My reaction to this news on Tuesday was not one of my prouder professional moments. Imagine a psychotic banshee (me) unintelligbly screeching about how the project is going to be a miserable failure because they keep cutting into our time for change management and training development and you get a pretty accurate picture of how things went.

This will give us less than 2 weeks to put together something that they can check off as "training".

The carrot - they promised resources for documentation development and more trainers. Nevermind that the trainers are still not comfortable with the new version and the documentation developers have never seen it before.

The resulting solution:
- We attempt to commandeer 4 conference rooms in house (out of the 5 that we have) and turn them into computer labs. So far - we have 2 guaranteed.

- Online training goes out the window. So much for all that work with Moodle.

- We try to cut the material down to 2 hours. It will be a hands-on walk-through of a basic clinic visit.

- We wave goodbye, tell them "good luck and godspeed" and pray that an "Informal Learning" system kicks in between them without too much damage.

- Those who don't make it - um...we might have a 6 page quick reference done by then....

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