Friday, January 12, 2007

Meeting with the Practice Administrators

The trainers sat with the 4 practice administrators yesterday to get their buy-in on the "super-user" idea. We need their buy in to ensure that we can have their employees' time.

Of course, the question of training for the upgrade came up....

So if they don't make it to training, they can go to Moodle, right?

Practice administrator looks at me quizzically.

This project is 5 weeks from the point of install in our test servers. We won't have final configuration for 4 weeks. Since this upgrade is in controlled release, you currently see all of the information and documentation that is available in Moodle. I'll post more as it is developed.

So that means everyone will have to go to training.


And the training is 5 hours?

We're trying to cut it down, but there are some concerns with one of the modules. It's not terribly intuitive.

You'll only be able to get them for 90 minutes. They're not going to pay attention that long.

I know.

And there's going to be no online tutorials.

Not until well after the upgrade.


We are offering training the week of the upgrade, then regular new user training afterwards.

I'm afraid that you'll have the docs for 90 minutes and they will come back not knowing what they are doing.

Me too.....

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