Thursday, January 11, 2007

How Intuitive Is It?

We finally got our hands on the upgrade yesterday.

First thing the boss intuitive is it?

Since I've been staring at as much documentation and material as I can get my mitts on for the past couple of months, I'm not the person to say.

The IT Department is not a good gauge because we tend to nose around and try things out.

So....I've asked 3 of my favorite MDs to come and visit me to get a feel for their reaction to the system. I'm still playing with it - so I can't give them much guidance. This is probably a good thing for this type of assessment.

My 3 victims / volunteers are....

An Ophthalmologist who is incredibly computer savvy and likes to play with gadgets and software.

A Neurologist who is comfortable with computers, but isn't terribly experimental

An OBGYN (Chief) who is not comfortable with computers.

All 3 specialties have particular workflow needs. And these gentlemen will give me a good spread on the reaction we can expect from the doctors. I'm hoping that it won't be as bad as I fear....

I'll let you know how it goes...

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