Monday, January 08, 2007

Grappling with Demotivation

Ever get the feeling that you are being messed with?

I spent a quality Sunday watching the NFL playoffs and reading some of the new vendor documentation. It's still incomplete, but at least there is enough information for me to start planning what needs to happen before the upgrade.

What I learned....there is NO way I can do what needs to be done in the time allotted with the resources available.

Not the classroom training (see previous posts) and not the training materials development. Essentially - nothing about the training program is going to work.

Each time I stare at this project, it gets worse. I think it's almost hit the "so bad it's funny" point.

I try to read my happy, positive thinking sites. No dice.

I try to come up with many alternate solutions. All of them wind up being unworkable.

I am someone who prides my self (for good or ill) on getting stuff done on deadline. I find missing deadlines disturbing. It's the perfectionist streak I've been grappling with for years.

However, it's one thing to miss a deadline...quite another to feel like you are being set up for failure.

I keep being told "everything will work out." And it will. I'm told that I "worry too much - stop taking it so personally." And they are right.

But I don't work strictly for a paycheck. I work because I love what I do and I care about what I provide for my "clients".

That's what makes this situation all the more frustrating.....


Karyn Romeis said...

I know it won't help, but I understand how you feel. And it doesn't help that it's January, which is quite often a 31-day-long Monday.

Paul Fender said...

Sounds like you're having a pretty difficult time of it. All I can say is, 'rest assured, this too shall pass.'