Thursday, December 14, 2006

Welcome to Wendy's Blog - The Current First Time Visitor's Guide

Thank you for spending your valuable time reading my blog. I've been at this (more sporatically than I would like) since September and find that my blog is an ever-evolving beast.

Who I am (the professional self)

I am a corporate software trainer / instructional designer / eLearning specialist / LMS administrator / implementation bully in a health care group in Washington DC.

What I write about...

The blog started as a way to journal my experience implementing Moodle and make sense of changes occuring in technology, education, and business.

If I find an interesting article, video, podcast, book or blog post, I'll write about it. Most of my interests these days are in education, change management, brain science (particularly research on how people learn), productivity, and new technologies. I am always looking for recommendations.

Within the blog, you will also find a diary of my attempts to apply these new ideas and theories into my work as a corporate trainer. As you'll see, I'm not always successful.....

So why the strange title?

The title is based on the Technology Adoption curve. I find that, by nature, I tend not to be an early adopter. Instead, I am usually adopting a technology when it starts becoming popular...and after many of the bugs have been beaten out.

Dirty little secret: my home network is still wired, I don't have a MySpace or Facebook or Flickr page, my cell phone only does "phone", and I don't own a BlackBerry.

These are not the characteristics of an early adopter.

When I started the blog, I thought the blog would focus on technology adoption. It's turned into something much more than that.


I do read them before I post them. I'm a little paranoid that way....

To date, I have rejected 1 comment post for content that was completely irrelevant to the blog and not suitable for public consumption.

Like other bloggers, I blog in an attempt to get feedback from people smarter and more experienced than myself. I am incredibly fortunate for having attracted a group of readers that I carry tremendous respect for.

Why I don't have a tidy list of topics and appropriate posts in this First Time Visitor's Guide....

A combination of lack of time and excess of laziness. At some point, I'll read through what I've written to see if there are any trends.

Besides, I'll probably have another First Time Visitor's Guide in 3 months. This blog will continue to change and it should.

Thank you to Dr. Tony Karrer for giving my blog so much press and for being such a thoughtful cheerleader.

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