Monday, December 18, 2006

Update: Talk vs. Action

Soon after I wrote my post Talk vs. Action, I received a phone call from the Neurosurgery Manager.

"Wendy, I'm in this Moodle thing! This is really neat!!! Do you mind if I share this with some of the other staff? I have some people who have been trained and forgot how to scan."

This is the entire point behind this project!!!!!

I also noticed that 3 more managers have logged in since that post and looked at things in the system.

Every person who logs in on their own, with no further prodding on my part, is a victory. If they share with their staff - further victory. I want this thing to be one of those "word-of-mouth" tools that people use because it is useful and works for them, not because it is mandated from higher up.

I've been involved in too many implementations where I had to browbeat people into using new software. Having spent the past 5 years serving as the main punisher, the last thing I wanted to do with this project was spend my time pounding on people when I could be helping them. It will be a nice change of pace if I can pull this off.

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