Friday, December 22, 2006

RSS Feeds

For those who are interested...

On Bloglines and Google Reader I've been successful copying my home page URL and pasting it into the subscribe area of the appropriate reader.

My home page:

I just tested this on Bloglines (dang - who knew I had 19 subscribers...)

At some point I'll getting around to putting in a formal RSS feed thing.

For those of you reading this directly off of my site - thanks for reading.

Recommendation: DEFINITELY try Google Reader or Bloglines. I've been using Google Reader. Blog reading is more efficient this way. The only downside is that you don't get to read the comments or see some of the pretty graphics.

Hope this helps.


Paul Fender said...

Thanx, Wendy. I can't possibly imagine trying to keep up in the blogosphere with out an aggregator. Bloglines is a lifesaver!

Wendy said...

Not a problem. I'm a big fan of keeping stuff simple.

Besides, I figure if my experience with all of this is a bit unnerving, it has to be for others.