Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Playing in the Digital Sandbox

Paul Fender hints that it's not just the desire for control that prevents us from adopting web 2.0 tools, but fear of failure...

The fear that we’ll stick up a wiki and no one will use it. The fear that we’ll learn how to podcast and it will turn out to just be a fad. The fear that we’ll start blogging and run out of things to say (not a problem for me ). And, as illustrated by the too lengthy story above… the fear that we’ll go out on a limb and others will think we’re not perfect; that we some times make mistakes; that people will think we’re really just full of bu!!sh@#.

What if you put up a social software tool and no one comes......

In my Moodle install, I've put in some forums. I've been asked about wikis, blogs, and chat spaces. And Paul is right, we can't control how our end-user choose to use these tools...or how others feel about us.

If we listen to the end-user, we may ultimately find a more effective use for all of these tools. Or find that the tools aren't worth using. Isn't that the point of this whole "2.0" exercise?

I am fortunate that I work a space where I feel safe taking huge risks - both my work environment and the blogosphere.

So what big risk have you taken recently?

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Brent Schlenker said...

Hi Wendy! How's the MOODLE install going these days?
I just wanted to let you know that its been great having you in the bloggosphere. I've noticed that you have been very influencial and your openness is contagious. Its what blogging is all about.

I think Paul touches on something a little deeper and may not even realize it. Much of that fear is NOT based on what if nobody comes, or what if it's a fad. The fear for many is that people WILL come, and people WILL begin to create their own content and make their own connections with the covetted SMEs. Then where will the value add be for those practicing old school ISD? Its the fear of success for many, not the fear of failure.