Friday, December 22, 2006

An Open Apology to Brent Schlenker

I just finished participating in Brent's new Talkcast Corporate e-Learning Weekly.

With enough participation - this could prove to be a very active discussion space. Especially since we don't get enough chances to synchronously chat with each other.

And we can only type so fast....

Brent - my apologies for lack of audio. I've been having sound input problems on my laptop and had no mic. I also had a cell phone with a dead battery.

For anyone else who wants to join his talkcast - do the poor man a favor and give him some audio. Call in or Audio Skype. It will make for a more interesting podcast.

Brent - thank you so much for allowing me to participate and for your patience. You handled that with incredible grace.

Have a great holiday.


Sandra Dickinson said...

I also just started with coComment. Sorta like bloglines or technorati, but to only keep track of your comments, and the continuing conversation. I am tracking this comment as we speak!

It's not superb. it just lists blog name and the relevant comment thread, and number of comments. But still you can go check and see what's going on where you've been commenting.

Sorry I made you google me to find my blog. But then again, cool that you could find my blog that way! When I try to put in the html for a link in this comment, nothing happens.

so I am putting urls in just plain.

Brent Schlenker said...

Hi Wendy! It was a pleasure to have you in the chat mode. It worked out great! Sure a few bumps...but last week I even had to step away for a few minutes to tend to the refrigerator repair man. It's very casual and we're all just experimenting. I'm just in there kicking the tires a little that's all. So far I think there is great potential with TalkShoe because they make the process so easy. I never thought I'd get into iTunes I am. Cool stuff.
When more people get into the habit of putting the Weekly Review on their calendar then we can start having people fill in during the times when my 5 year old is demanding my attention...or another repair man comes to the door.
Its going to be fun. That's the key!