Friday, October 06, 2006

Moodle Human Issues - User Accounts

Computers are stupid creatures. They require very specific instructions to perform the most insignificant tasks.

How well a computer system works depends on the human interaction surrounding that system. An easily forgotten truth in our rush to implement the latest and greatest enterprise something-or-other that (we hope) will solve all of our problems and allow us to stop thinking.

As I thought about our LDAP implementation, I realized we need to come up with some policies regarding passwords and accounts. Being a control freak - I wish I could make these decisions myself and not have to worry about feedback from others.

Since the decisions are not solely mine to make - I came up with a list of questions for Ta and the boss to consider.

- Should we require a network ID for access to our system? If so - how will this impact our other systems within the network?

- If we do not require a network ID, how do we handle users who create an account, then receive a network ID later?

- Should we create a preliminary sign-up process to pre-load courses to the account or make the user sign up for the courses? (Right now - the courses are being categorized by job-title.)

I'll be posting more questions as we develop this system and will post the decisions (and results of the decisions) as we work.

Is there anything I should add to the list for user accounts and permissions? Other things I should keep in mind as we begin the implementation process? Feedback is greatly appreciated!!!!! Thanks!

Picture from The SourceFire Computer Security calendar.

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