Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Moodle Benchmark #2.5 - Checking in with the Boss

Soon after the staff meeting - I went to check in with the boss to show him my progress.

He is also very happy with what he sees. Bosses like it when they see visible progress. They also like it when the toughest customers are happy.

I have more time to get the system in shape. The senior management meeting has been cancelled until mid-November. This should be just enough time to get all of the feedback from the IT staff, get some tutorials fixed, and be able to roll out the entire system the day after the meeting.

I want enough time to get our end-users used to looking at Moodle for information before the major electronic medical record upgrade. Upgrade planning starts November 1. The test install should happen November 15.

I've been not-so-subtly selling this project for over a year. Every time someone complains to me that they have no time to sit in a classroom with me, or whenever I have a tough time fitting someone into my schedule for training, I tell them "We'll soon have an online system that will let you do this when it is most convenient for you!" I'm hoping that this guerilla change management technique pays off when we roll this thing out.

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