Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Moodle Benchmark #2 - Convincing the IT Staff

Thankfully, I work in IT - so it was a matter of convincing my colleagues.

In some ways, this is the most challenging benchmark. They will see things that the average user won't see. Plus, they look at it from an administrative standpoint. They were VERY impressed.

- "You mean this thing is free and I can download it on my own laptop!!!"
- "Wow! This thing looks really easy!"
- "I want to play with the reporting. This looks cool!"
- "I like the project course with the Wikis and Forums and file-loading."

It's tough to get this crew excited about applications - since we seem to spend all day fixing them and/or arguing with vendor support. To see them THAT excited is very validating.

Ideas for improving the system:
- Multiple Admin accounts. Right now we have only 1. We want to keep track of who is doing what with the system. Ta said that she came up with a way to create these accounts. I will post her solution as soon as I see what she did.

- Automated e-mail for new items in courses you are signed up for. I know that you can get e-mails from the forums - but I want to see if this can be done for any new item in the course.

- The ability to take queries and add them to a user account in Moodle so they can run the reports themselves.

- A way to isolate particular courses so that users only see the courses they need.

After the meeting - Ta did another full backup of Moodle. Very important since 2 of them will be playing with the databases.

Some of the IT team have already started working in Moodle - nosing around and seeing if they can break things. By next week, we should have enough information to put the reporting through its paces before presenting to Senior Management.

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