Thursday, October 12, 2006

I wish I was Dogbert...

I fear I am in over my head with this Moodle project. It's not the instructional design that has me freaked out. That I can handle. It's the system customization.

Customization = programming.
Me + programming = bad news.

My brain just doesn't quirk that way. Since the requirements for reporting and functionality are still too nebulous to spend the money for a consultant, and we have no one in the organization with the appropriate skill sets, it's up to me to figure it all out.

During a stuck moment, I found this post in Scott Adams' Dilbert blog.

"...Every time I try something different or unlikely, someone says the equivalent of “don’t quit your day job.” When I venture into areas clearly outside of my expertise, I hear “You’re in way over your head.”...Somehow I have to square that seemingly good advice with the fact that I’ve so often been successful against long odds, especially when I’m in way over my head. In fact, that’s when I do my best work."

He's right - though it's hard to see until after the fact. Now if I could only figure out PHP......


Harold Jarche said...

Just received a copy of "Moodle" by William Rice published by Packt (ISBN: 1-904811-29-9) and it includes some sections on customozation. Skype or call me if you want more details. A book is cheaper than a consultant ;-)

Wendy said...

I own this book and it has been incredibly handy as we've put this system together.

Sadly, what we are trying to do is beyond the scope of both excellent Moodle books.

I'll give more details in a later post.