Monday, October 23, 2006

Creating Time-Eating Monsters

Much of this week will be spent making sure what I currently have works. As I work - I find all sorts of other things I should be creating to make this a full eLearning experience. Funny how ideas outpace the time it takes to turn the ideas into reality.

I noticed that we did not have anything resembling a test server for Moodle. Since more than 3 of us use the system now, I didn't want to do some of the final configuration on our live server without testing it first.

A testament to Moodle's scalability - I spent part of Sunday installing it on my laptop. How many commercial LMSs can you install on YOUR laptop? How many would you WANT to?

Now I can do all sorts of things that could destroy the code, the database, or both. First test - customizing the login page.

I hope to start making movies of these processes shortly. I'm checking out Google Video and YouTube. Ideally, I would publish in Flash so I can make them interactive. I know Google Video prefers traditional formats. Again, the ideas vs. time issue.

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