Monday, October 30, 2006

Adventures in Customer Service

On Friday, the Boss and I received the following e-mail (names and details have been changed to protect the guilty):

Wendy and the Boss,

The Software development team is pleased to announce the release of Enterprise v10.x.y this week. This latest version of the Software resolves several issues identified by our clients and we want to thank you for your assistance in bringing incident number 166078 to our attention. This problem has been fixed in v10.x.y and I just wanted to take a moment and recognize the great help and cooperation you’ve demonstrated in pointing this issue out to us. The full list of fixed issues for v10.x.y is available on the Knowledge Base in the client area of

If you have not already secured a schedule slot for your upgrade to our latest software version, please contact your account manager. If you have any questions comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the Support team directly.

Many thanks!

Sr. VP of Customer Service.

Now this is a nice piece of marketing. Makes your contributions towards improving the software seem important.

One problem: In the last upgrade they BROKE the thing that this "upgrade" is now supposed to fix!!!!

Furthermore, these upgrades (even the small ones) require planning, resources, and testing. And lots of it.

We are now in a Catch-22. The System Administrator informed me that we are not going to do this upgrade. But the thing that the upgrade fixes is clinically important.

Since it has taken 4 weeks to get this much information from the Software company - I'm hoping we can sit on this issue without too many complaints. At least until we get v.11. Of course - everyone PROMISES that this new upgrade will solve all of our problems. Hahahahaha..............

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