Thursday, September 28, 2006

Voting with your feet

Dion Hinchcliff, in his post Can Web 2.0 be Adapted to the Enterprise reminds us that end-users "vote with their feet" and prefer tools that are simple and familiar.

"Key to this discussion is that unlike the Web, users tend to have very few software options in the enterprise and are usually prescribed the tools to use to get their work done. And when faced with a dizzying array of features and capabilities in their shiny new, sophisticated enterprise IT systems, they tend to default to the tools that are easiest for them, over which they have the most control, and are most familiar with." He calls e-mail and Microsoft Office examples of "Comfort Apps".

The trick, Hinchcliff explains, is to seed the organization with the tools and make them the easiest, default way to get things done.

With some of the issues our organization faces as we move from a loose confederacy of independent fiefdoms to a integrated corporation (an increased number of interdepartmental projects, shared drive access issues, loose e-mails of unversioned documents, etc), I may have a greater opening for incorporating web 2.0 technologies into the enterprise than I thought. My co-workers just don't see it yet.....

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