Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Super Datacenters and Education

Dan Farber interviewed Mark Anderson on the super datacenters being built by Google, Amazon, Microsoft, et al. Anderson sees these data centers as having the capability to do more than just help us find information, ”Large scale server farms have the potential to solve much more supercomputer-like problems, on a custom basis, throughout our lives”

One potential use: “Learning how we best learn.”

So if these server farms are able to collect THAT information, then maybe there will be a way for those of us who educate to collect that information. Much like what corporations do now when they purchase customer information. Instead of using all of the collected information to encourage people to buy things they don’t need, maybe we can use that information to create more useful education.

I also sense that if Anderson’s vision comes to pass – we may find that EVERYTHING we learned in Education school was wrong.

BTW: The picture is from the Human -Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Maryland - Kids Design the Future project. Letting the audience help you design the product - what a concept!

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