Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Searching for Answers

Rod Boothby, at Innovation Creators, has found some tools that help people find information. The step beyond Google.

The first is Yedda - essentially a knowledge exchange site. Looks easy to use. Has many of the features Web 2.0 folks expect from a social networking site. The big issue, Rob points out, is the behavior change required to incorporate Yedda into the workflow. You have to go to their site. I can also see how a person (like me) kills lots of time digging around for stuff unrelated to the original purpose. I'll be curious to see how this thing evolves and whether it begins to suffer from the credibility issues Wikipedia suffers.

The second - interesting as a model since it is still in Alpha - is Boorah. Currently, the technology is being used to organize restaraunt reviews in San Francisco. Rod sees potential for other applications. Admittedly, he has a vested interest. I'm signing up to see exactly how this thing works since I won't be in San Francisco anytime soon... I'm hoping to see that the search and results are more sophisticated than the "list of pages" model seen on most sites. Maybe the actual articles? I'll let you know what I find.


Nagaraju said...

We just processed some additional login requests. Not sure which one was yours, but if you'd like to send me an email, I'll make sure you get a chance to preview our website.

Wendy said...

Thank you so much for following up with me. I did get my login and will be playing with it over the next couple of days.