Saturday, September 23, 2006

Next step - convincing senior staff

So now that we have the boss' go-ahead, it is time to do the permanent install. The to do list:

- Wipe out the old intranet test server (we got the go-ahead! Yay!) and re-install Moodle (Ta and I)

- Get our network user data to feed into our Moodle user database. Working towards a single login for all non-clinical systems.

- Redo the site theme so that it looks more professional. I wish we had a graphic designer.

- Show the IT Applications staff how to use Moodle. Build a project course for our next major system upgrade (coming this fall!) and have them play with it for feedback.

- Create 3 job-based courses to demonstrate to the senior staff in one month with tracking and some testing. Once we get the approval and feedback on what properly should go in each course, we will restructure. This is for demonstration purposes.

+ Residents (because of all of the groups - this one is the hardest to get into the classroom).

+ Front-desk staff

+ Nurses

The presentation to the senior staff will be in one month.

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