Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Moodle from localhost to DNS

Ta - one of our fabulous Network people - has been helping me with the
more complicated aspects of setting up a Moodle server within a
corporate environment. One of the issues we initally ran into was
accessing Moodle from computers other than the server.

Our install steps - in Ta's words:

Downloaded executable from Moodle.org, then expanded the folder, copy
Moodle to the root of C: drive. Note: *In a production environment,
will install to a separate partition. Renamed the Moodle folder to
xampplite. Then Started the batch file for APACHE and MYSQL.

c:\xampplite\apache_start.bat to START Apache
c:\xampplite\apache_stop.bat to STOP Apache
c:\xampplite\mysql_start.bat to START MySQL
c:\xampplite\mysql_stop.bat to STOP MySQL

To automate this process, add the XAMP to the services of Windows

Run c:\xampplite\service.exe -install (it is set to start automatically
when the server starts)

Once we completed these steps - the site ran cleanly. Only problem - no one else could get to it.

Originally, we used localhost and could not access the site
outside of the server. To fix this, she changed the Config.php file in the Moodle directory c:\xampplite\moodle

One of the reasons why we are trying Moodle is the strength of the documentation available from the community. Even better, most of the documentation is written so a liberal arts major can understand it.

When we do our permanent install - we will change the name to something other than moodle. I found that using moodle as the site name sends people to the moodle.org rather than our LMS. A brain fart on our part. Thank goodness we are doing a test run first.

BTW - the picture above is Ta's little girl. She wanted to show her off.


Anonymous said...

do you also acess Moodle on the internet or only on the intranet. cos im having problems accessing my moodle from anywhere other than the campus network. my server is behind a pix 515e firewall could there be any changes that i should make there. what could be wrong.

Gaurav said...

Hi. I am also facing the same issue where other computers on my LAN are not able to access Moodle because of the localhost in the URL. How did you rsesolve this problem??

Wendy said...

The solution we used is in the post.

I no longer work with the Moodle LMS - so my recommendation, if you are still having problems, is to go to Moodle.org. There is a very active user community there who can provide much more timely recommendations than any I can give at this time.

Anonymous said...

Quick help - change http://localhost to
http://***.***.***.*** (* is your server IP address, etc. in config.php in your Moodle directory. That is all :) It works for me.

MCSE Training said...

The problem of getting the right setting for Moodle to be in connectivity with LAN is face by many. I too face a similar kind of a problem. Can you please suggest something.

Wendy said...

Sadly - I haven't looked at Moodle or that installation in over a year, so beyond what I have documented in the blog, I can't suggest anything. My only recommendation is to post the same question to the Moodle boards at Moodle.org. They have a very active user community and can assist you with your problem.

Anonymous said...

Hi, what do you suggest?

Im setting http://192.168.x.y and IT works fine inside LAN but Im using a dyndns in a firewall for accesing many severs like SugarCRM and Alfredo and everything works just fine using virtual ips, not working for moodle, what do you suggest?