Monday, September 04, 2006

How maleable is the model?

I am beginning to wonder if the innovativeness change curve is more malleable than Rogers suggests.

If individuals have a natural static disposition towards change, it stands to reason that some groups will be more willing to adopt a change than others.

Academics, being academics, try to codify how this process works. Wilson, Dobrovolney and Lowery figured that the reason why so many models seem to fail is not the models themselves, but the implementation of the models.

VH Carr developed some recommendations for identifying the difference between the early adopters and the majority and how to incorporate this knowledge into real change. Though he approaches this from the perspective of educational technology adoption, his ideas work more generally for any organization moving from a paper process to a computerized one.

Have you found that the makeup of a group impacts the success or failure of a technology implementation? What strategies do you use to work with the various groups?

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