Saturday, September 23, 2006

Convincing the boss - A Successful first benchmark

The planned 1 hour "presentation" wound up being 30 hurried and distractable minutes. But, the boss was pleased.

I think his mind was already made up, since he has been watching me bound around the office the past week - about as excited as he's ever seen me. He's watched me work long enough to know that I am pessimistic about most software (since I'm the one who has to do the change management on the end-user).

He had been running late to the meeting because he was talking to HIS boss (the CEO). I suspect that he was discussing this LMS project because the first thing out of his mouth was - "Do you need a consultant? What would you want him to help you with?"

The corporate world is odd because people don't place value on a project unless a lot of money was spent on it. Ta, Gesine, Michelle (our primary end-user tester), and I could pretty much do what we want to get done on our own with enough time and fewer distrations. The documentation is good enough, and the community robust enough, that a consultant really isn't "necessary."

Furthermore, I personally don't like bringing in "consultants" unless there is a specific, concrete thing we want to get DONE and that consultant will help us build the appropriate skill-set so that we don't have to call him/her back in.

So here is what I need that consultant to do:

- Help us configure the Moodle databases (LDAP authentication) and show us how to link any external databases,and databases created by the Moodle Database module into the main database.

- Show us how to configure reports out of that database.

- Help us with optimizing our Captivate tutorials and SCORM publication of these tutorials so we can get good data to feed into Moodle.

I'll be digging around the Moodle forum on Monday to start looking for this person/company....

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