Thursday, September 21, 2006

Convincing the boss - The Demo courses

For this project, I built 4 different demo "courses". Only 2 of them are courses in the traditional sense. The other 2 are project work areas. I got that idea from Michael Armacost (who I'm going to contact to see if I can post a few slides from his Moodle presentation addressing this structure).

Patient Communication Policy Group - an open project area. Demonstrates the news forum, assignment (for private document submissions), and wiki modules. Assumes 1 leader.

Testing Secret Project - a project area no one can view unless they are a member of the group. Demonstrates the Database module. To have these closed groups - all members need to be facilitators. That could be interesting....

TouchWorks Charge - an online course. Testing the link between Captivate's SCORM publication and Moodle

New User Day 1 - a blended course (online tools for the face-to-face course). Testing how Moodle handles other formats.

Of course - none of these structures are final and I will fine tune as I receive feedback and learn more about my new toy.

Another change I made was changing the name of the teacher and student permissions to facilitator and participant. They sound kinda businessy, but I wanted terms that focused on the collaborative nature of the system. I'm sure someone will come up with more elegant names later.

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